Who we are.

wirehazard communications was formed in 2004 to answer a need for online marketing and content strategy for clients throughout the United States.

The mission was simple. Get the word out. Companies know what they want to say, but face difficulty reaching their targeted clients. Professional organizations commonly misuse technology or are not adequately funded to keep up with the latest trends. Additionally, as experts in their field, they may not have the appropriate marketing voice to adequately inform customers of the exciting products and services that they offer.

What we do.

wirehazard formed to meet the needs of companies that struggle with these problems. Comprising of top level consultants, we are capable of specializing on the latest online technologies and are focused on content creation and management. We staff developers, designers, writers, and business analysts who are battle tested and get the results that your business is looking for.


Our team of business analysts and technical and non-technical writers can take your message and deliver it with the accuracy and readability that the consumer needs. We will perform in depth studies of your product lines and your client base. We believe there is no such thing as a 'rubber stamp' sales presentation. Every customer has a specific voice and expectation. Every product has a specific application. We will present the products to the customers that need them and the customer will be informed at the highest level before making their purchase. The result? happy customers. The best salesperson is a happy customer who endorses your products and services.


With over 25 years of design experience, our design staff has the creative flare to handle any request. We have endless libraries of digital assets at our disposal. We will not only meet your expectations, but we have the vision and experience to aim higher.


Wirehazard specializes in technologies that allow you to "get the word out". Your voice to your customers is the deciding point on whether they will be able to, and more importantly choose to, use your products and services. The following technologies are leveraged to facilitate this transfer.

  • The latest web development technologies for structured and accessible page layout across any device and platform.
  • Real time date transmission technologies for pulling and delivering your information from any source.
  • Dynamic storage and distributed networks for the heavy lifting of your business's content repositories.
  • Real time technologies for making the business decisions to get the right and most up to date information in front of your customers.
  • Interactive, animated, and video solutions to get your message out the way you want it delivered.


At the end of the day we are here for you. Our streamlined operation allows us to move quickly addressing your business needs at the pace your business moves. More importantly, at the pace that you need your business to move.